Meet the Staff: Meghan Hunt

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MEGHAN HUNT is the Ackland’s Manager of Membership Services.

How long have you been at the Ackland?
I started working at the Ackland in April 2015. I have been here for nine months.
What brought you to the Ackland?
I wanted a new challenge in the world of fundraising. Before joining the Ackland team I worked in the Development and Alumni Affairs Office at the UNC School of Media and Journalism. I saw this job open up at the Ackland, and I decided to apply because I felt it would be a good next step for me. I am fortunate to be part of such a wonderful staff, and look forward to all the things the Museum plans to bring to the Triangle community this year.
What do you do at the Ackland?
I am the Manager of Membership Services, and I also advise the Student Friends of the Ackland Art Museum. As the Manager of Membership Services I work to provide our membership with special opportunities at the Museum and beyond our boundaries. As the adviser for the Student Friends of the Ackland I work with our student group to put on events at the Ackland geared towards students.
What is a memorable Ackland experience?
I have only been at the Ackland for a short time, but attending my first Friends’ First Look for the opening of Testing Testing was a great moment for me. It was my first time really getting to interact with a large number of donors in the Museum for such a festive occasion (we were also celebrating being open after our three week closure for new carpet installation!).
What is your favorite thing about working at the Ackland?
Getting to work with students, donors, and member of the general public is my favorite part about working at the Ackland. Interacting with so many people from different walks of life is what keeps this job new and interesting each day.
SEE. MORE. ART.: Besides the Ackland, what is your favorite arts experience in the Triangle?
I volunteer with the Carolina Ballet, and love to attend the ballet in my spare time.