PhotoVision: Selections from a Decade of Collecting

19 September 2014 - 4 January 2015

“…a fascinating, ambitious new show…” –Brian Howe, IndyWeek  Read the review!

“…this extensive show…refreshes the curatorial perspective on the institution’s photography collection.” -Dave Delcambre, ArtsNowNC  Read the review!

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The Ackland Art Museum holds the leading collection of photography in North Carolina, one that has both regional and national significance. The Museum’s broad and deep collection of approximately 2,000 photographs represents the entire history of the art form, from daguerreotypes and salted paper prints of the early nineteenth century to digital inkjet prints of the twenty-first century.

Michael Wolf, Tokyo CompressionFrith_2012.21.4Singh_2005.1Dome #30705, New Synagogue, Szeged, Hungary, 2000,  printed 2004

From the nearly 500 photographic works acquired by the Ackland in the last ten years, over 150 have been selected for PhotoVision. Organized by evocative groupings, the chosen works will present the myriad intents behind and effects of this powerful medium. Thematic sections will include Photography and Multiplicity, Sacred Spaces, Process and Product, and Staging the Image.

A substantial section will be devoted to a “daisy chain” of photography: approximately 50 photographs spanning a wide range of periods, techniques, subjects, and styles forming a continuous sequence, each one linked to its neighbor by a different visual association―a detail, a formal echo, a surprising parallel.

A dozen additional photographs will be on view in the Ackland’s eight permanent collection galleries, juxtaposed in thought-provoking ways with African, Asian, and Western paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts.

Loengard_2014.12The Levasseur Sisters (?), 1862

Also on view: Adding to the Mix 8: William H. Mumler’s Mrs. W. H. Mumler, Clairvoyant Physician (1870s)

PhotoVision and its accompanying programming are made possible in part by the generous support of James Keith Brown and Eric Diefenbach, The Joseph F. McCrindle Foundation Endowment Fund for Conservation, Strowd Roses, Inc., and Classic.

PhotoVision is part of Click! Triangle Photography Festival, October 2014.ClickLogo

Images (click each to enlarge):

Michael Wolf, German, born 1954: Tokyo Compression #55, 2010; archival inkjet print. ©2010 Michael Wolf. Ackland Fund, 2012.12.
Francis Frith, British, 1822-1898: Temple of Kom Ombo, Egypt, 1858-59; albumen print from wet collodion negative. Ackland Fund, 2012.21.4.
Pamela Singh, Indian, born 1962: Tantric Self-Portrait in Jaipur #1, 2000-2001; mixed-media photograph. © 2000-2001 Pamela Singh / Sepia International. Ackland Fund, 2005.1.
David Stephenson, American and Australian, born 1955: Dome #30705, New Synagogue, Szeged, Hungary, 2000, printed 2004; c-print. ©2000 David Stephenson. Ackland Fund, 2006.17.1.
John Loengard, American, born 1934: Photographer Arnold Newman Holds his 1946 Negative of Igor Stravinsky, 1994, printed 2013; gelatin silver print. ©1994 John Loengard. Ackland Fund, 2014.12.
André Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri, French, 1819-1889: The Levasseur Sisters (?), 1862; albumen print. Ackland Fund, 2005.35.2.