Piece by Piece: Quilts, Collages, and Constructions

March 30, 2012 - July 1, 2012

Photo of woman in white dress

Centered on a quilt from the legendary Gee’s Bend, Alabama, quilting community, this exhibition celebrates both the act of “piecing together” works of art from disparate elements and the influence of traditional women’s fabric arts on modern and contemporary art.

Featuring quilts, sculptures, collages, painting, photography, and prints from eighteen artists in the Ackland’s permanent collection, Piece by Piece celebrates the work and influence of quilting both outside and within the art establishment. Notable works include Aldwyth’s The World According to Zell (1997-2001), Lezley Saar’s Elizabeth Keckley: Mrs. Lincoln’s Seamstress (2002), Ann Hamilton’s Untitled (Bookball) (1994), and many more.

Image: Betye Saar, American, born 1926; Coffee, 2002; mixed media collage and assemblage mounted on paperboard; Ackland Fund, 2005.18