The Land of No Things: Selected Works by the MFA Class of 2015

April 23, 2015 - June 7, 2015

Person looking at stage

“1. Be wary of objects. 2. Express something by making objects. 3. Therefore, be wary of the objects that you make. The eleven artists in the UNC-Chapel Hill’s MFA Class of 2015 share this conflicted position in a variety of ways. They are deeply, even ethically aware of their role as cultural producers in an era of hyper-production, environmental exhaustion, labor virtualization and seemingly infinite commercial availability. If they could make no things, they would. But if they are going to add an object to this world, it will express its own justification for being.” —Chris Vitiello, Guest Curator

ArtsNow Review | Herald-Sun Review


Peter Barnett
Anna Delgado
Mijoo Kim
Katy Mixon
Naomi Elizabeth O’Donnell
Eric Pickersgill
Shane Smith
Sydney Steen
Allison Tierney
Amy White
Gesche Würfel


This exhibition is made possible by the Seymour and Carol Levin Foundation and proceeds from Ackland ARTINI! 2015.

Naomi Elizabeth O’Donnell, American, born 1988: Still from Honey Cult: Dame Van Winkle, 2014; video. Approximately 18″ x 10″. Courtesy of the artist.