Here, There, and Everywhere

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BlogThe last time I was in Paris, I saw more Carolina ball caps than I could count. It reminded me of the global reach of the University’s brand. But maybe more than that, the remarkable way in which human beings like to preserve their experience and even in subtle and small ways – like ball caps – signal to those around them that they have these connections: to place, to higher learning, to personal history.

This week, a friend of the Ackland sent this picture to us – a photo taken in the tiny artists village of Fiskars, Finland. Imagine our delight!

This summer, as you travel, keep your eye out for a little bit of Carolina and a little bit of the Ackland wherever you are. You never know – you might just find us!

P.S. A special thanks to our friends Frank Konhaus and Ellen Cassily for taking the time to send this to us. Have a great vacation, and come home soon!

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