Fear Not the Blue Border: Mix and Mingle at the Nasher!

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Though Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have a long-standing rivalry, students are coming together at the universities’ respective art museums to go “beyond blue borders.” Two collaborative parties—designed for students from both universities—are upon us, hosted by two world-class art museums in the Triangle area.

Facebook_Rameses_Nasher_highlightMy fellow UNC students and I could argue that we bleed Carolina Blue and the sky is the perfect shade for a reason. But we Tar Heels can, and should, venture nine miles down the road this Thursday to Duke’s Nasher Museum of Art. At the Nasher’s “Beyond Blue Borders” party (November 7th, 8-10 PM), Tar Heels will enjoy free food, drinks, music, and great art, plus the chance to mingle with both Duke and UNC students. Free buses will be running from in front of the Ackland Art Museum to the Nasher throughout the evening. Students from both schools are encouraged to Instagram photos of the party using the hashtag #BlueBorders. The best ones at each party will receive a prize at the end of the night. A little friendly rivalry never hurt…

My inner history nerd is ready to see the Nasher’s exhibition Defining Lines: Cartography in the Age of Empire at the Nasher. The maps on view show how Western colonial powers perceived foreign lands from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, and how these maps affected culture and politics. Another exhibition, Lines of Control: Partition as a Productive Space, examines the psychological and physical aspects of national borders from South Asian artists.

Sarah_H_500UNC students may be wary of congregating with the Blue Devils, but I survived walking around Duke’s campus in a “Lehigh beat Duke” shirt, so I am living proof that they aren’t that bad (even if Gerald Henderson broke Tyler Hansbrough’s nose with 14.5 seconds left on the clock in 2007). “Beyond Blue Borders” is the perfect opportunity to show your Carolina pride, enjoy different art exhibitions, and see how the other half lives.

Duke students will also have their chance to visit Chapel Hill on November 14th, when the Ackland Art Museum hosts the second Blue Borders party.

Rivalry aside, Duke and UNC have both excelled in many different areas, such as their state-of-the-art hospitals and libraries. The two schools also collaborate by offering the Robertson Scholars program that allows student beneficiaries to take classes at both universities.

Come join the fun this Thursday, and meet new people from both schools…and show the Blue Devils how great this university is.