Ackland Upstairs

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Ackland Upstairs (formerly the Study Gallery) enables UNC-Chapel Hill faculty to have art installed specifically for the in-person use of their classes.

The public is encouraged to visit Ackland Upstairs during the Museum’s open hours in the fall and spring semester; it is closed in the summer.

Spring Semester 2019

Installation I: 9 January – 11 March

Antonio Fernández Reboiro, Cuban, born
1935, designer, Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industrias
Cinematográficos (ICAIC), publisher: The Art of Tobacco (El Arte del Tabaco), 1977, color screenprint. Gift of Louis A. Pérez, Jr., 2009.30.1

Prehistoric Art, Anthropology/Women’s and Gender Studies 222, Silvia Tomášková

Art and Sports in the Americas, Art History 113, Lyneise Williams

Confronting Oppression and Institutional Discrimination, Social Work 501, Allison DeMarco

Undergraduate Research Seminar: Photography and AfricaArt History 391, Carol Magee

Advanced Topics in Photography, Studio Art 515, Gesche Wuerfel

Introduction to Folklore, Folklore/Anthropology/English 202, Patricia Sawin

Installation I Object List 


For UNC Faculty

In a typical Ackland Upstairs display, eight to ten works of art are on view for an eight-week period, during which time faculty members arrange to hold class sessions in front of the works and/or ask students to visit on their own time to complete assignments.

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