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26 January 2018 - 8 April 2018

Becoming a Woman in the Age of Enlightenment: French Art from The Horvitz Collection

This exhibition shows for the first time how art and artists in 18th-century France explored all sides of the debate surrounding “the woman question”; while powerful conventional thinking of the time assigned women to limited and secondary roles based on the presumed dictates of biology, some voices began arguing that women were the potential equal of men in intelligence, creativity, responsibility, and power.

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3 January 2018 - 13 May 2018

Religion and Ritual

This installation presents the deities and artistic traditions of religions in Asia, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and more.

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18 August 2017 - 17 December 2017

Study Gallery

Open to the public, the Ackland’s second-floor Study Gallery enables UNC-Chapel Hill faculty to have art installed specifically for the in-person use of their classes.

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22 March 2017 - 1 October 2017

Los Trompos

Los Trompos is a large-scale, interactive installation of much-larger-than-life spinning tops (trompos) in a variety of colors and shapes.

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11 January 2017 - 19 February 2017

For Philip Glass: Joshi / LeWitt / Close

Seven diverse works of modern and contemporary art call attention to the way in which regularized processes can lead to effects of emotional power and complexity, a fitting tribute to Glass’s accomplishments as a composer.

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21 December 2016 - 14 May 2017

Flora and Fauna: Plants and Animals in the Art of Asia

A glorious display of the importance of animals and botany in Asian art, Flora and Fauna will feature prayer rugs from the Middle East, statues from India, Chinese paintings, and the debut of the Ackland’s newly acquired pair of Japanese screens by the painter Kajino Genzan.

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