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The Ackland’s second-floor Study Gallery enables UNC-Chapel Hill faculty to have art installed specifically for the in-person use of their classes.

The public is welcome in the Study Gallery during the Museum’s open hours in the fall and spring semester; the Study Gallery is closed in the summer.


Installation I: January 10 – March 11

Installation I Checklist

School Daze: What’s Schooling Got to do with Getting an Education, Education 65, Suzanne Gulledge

Studies in the History of the Graphic Arts, Art History 457, Tania String

Literary Approaches to American Studies, American Studies 201, Michelle Robinson

Prehistoric Art, Anthropology/Women’s and Gender Studies 222, Silvia Tomášková 

African American Art, Art History/African, African American, and Diaspora Studies 287, John Bowles, and Lynching in American Literature & Culture, English 129, Danielle Christmas

Art and Fashion from Rome to Timbuktu, Art History/Classical Archaeology 200, Vicki Rovine and Herica Valladares

Installation II: March 19 – May 13

Installation II Checklist

Twentieth-Century African American Art, Art History 287/African, African American, and Diaspora Studies 237 and Harlem Renaissance, Art History 485, John Bowles

European History to 1650, History 151 and The Renaissance, History 452, Melissa Bullard

Introduction to Women’s Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies 101

Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Religion Studies/Asian Studies 280, Harshita Mruthinti Kamath

Introduction to Aesthetics, Philosophy 185, Thomas Hofweber

Art and Fashion from Rome to Timbuktu, Art History/Classical Archaeology 200, Vicki Rovine and Herica Valladares

UNC FACULTY: In a typical Study Gallery display, eight to ten works of art are on view for an eight-week period, during which time faculty members arrange to hold class sessions in front of the works and/or ask students to visit on their own time to complete assignments.

The Study Gallery is full for Spring Semester 2018. If you are interested in learning more please fill out the form below.
To see examples of how faculty members have used the Study Gallery, please click here.

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Vassily Kandinsky, Russian, 1866-1944: Untitled, from Small World, 1922; color lithograph. Ackland Art Museum, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, UNC Library Purchase, 58.4.2.