On “Refreshment”

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This essay by Peter Nisbet was originally published in the Ackland’s Member E-Newsletter of 16 March 2015.

Today’s word is refreshment.

Over the past several months, I have been thinking especially about a project that might be called “Ackland Refreshed”: imagining and implementing ways to make the art on display look even better and our museum visitors feel even better. After rearranging and reinstalling the collection, as well as switching to LED lighting (enhancing the visibility of our art, all the while saving money and energy), we have just finished repainting our galleries, adding carefully-chosen, art-enhancing colors to the walls. I have had many visitors tell me that the galleries have never looked so welcoming and elegant, and I invite you to experience these refreshed spaces for yourselves.
I’ll show you here a “teaser” photo of one of our renovated galleries, and tempt and intrigue you with the names of some of the colors we’ve used: Stone Lion, Kelp, Yorkshire Brown, Spanish Moss, Sundried Tomato, Downing Slate, Sturdy Brown, and a variety of grays (Pussywillow, Cosmopolitan, Dorian). These colors refresh our experience of the Ackland and its powerful collection of works of art from around the world. In the coming months, look for more announcements about changes aimed at enhancing your visit to the Ackland.

And speaking of refreshment, what better way to celebrate these newly invigorated spaces than at our second annual signature spring event, Ackland ARTINI on Saturday, March 21 (details here). I do hope to see many of you at this lively and sparkling evening. I’m anticipating that our participating bartenders from leading local establishments will come up with names for their unique and special drinks that are as intriguing and evocative as our paint colors!

ARTINI is a wonderful opportunity to support the Ackland, mark the long-awaited arrival of spring, and enjoy each other’s company in the midst of some of the best art and special exhibitions the Triangle has to offer.

Peter Nisbet
Ackland Art Museum Chief Curator and Interim Director

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