Internships and Fellowships

Students interested in experiential learning and insight into museum professions can consider applying for an internship or fellowship at the Ackland. We offer opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students from UNC-Chapel Hill and other colleges and universities.

Ackland internships and fellowships are one to two academic terms in duration (Fall, Spring, and Summer). Students typically work in one of the Museum’s departments, focusing principally on a project designed to join Museum priorities with students’ interests. Students also participate in smaller-scale projects and routine aspects of museum work, as well as a series of special sessions just for interns and fellows that introduce them to current projects at the Ackland.

Contact us for more information about our internship and fellowship program, or about specific positions listed below.

Please note that we do not currently offer internship positions for high school students.

For Graduate Students

Paid Positions

Paid positions for graduate students at UNC-Chapel Hill include: the Ackland Graduate Internship (open to any currently-enrolled graduate student); the Object-Based Teaching Fellowship (open to an art history PhD student who has advanced to candidacy); and the Huntley Scholarship (open to an art history graduate student at any level). Application information about paid positions is posted below at the beginning of every Spring semester.

Field Experiences

Graduate students in the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science may arrange to work with Ackland staff members on projects that fulfill their field experience requirements. Descriptions of current projects and application information is posted below in September (for Spring projects), December (for Summer projects), and February (for Fall projects).

For Undergraduate Students


Fall, Spring, and Summer Volunteer or Credit-Based Internships

Undergraduate students from Carolina and from other colleges and universities may apply for volunteer internships. Undergraduate interns typically work for a total of 100 hours during an academic term. Descriptions of current internship projects and application information is posted below in September (for Spring internships), December (for Summer), and February (for Fall). Some Internship projects may be eligible for academic credit.