Membership is an ideal way to support exhibitions and programs and participate in the rich offerings of the Ackland. Member events are an excellent way to meet new and long-standing friends of the Museum who share your commitment to arts in our community.

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Ackland Membership Levels

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Whether you are a student or a longtime patron of the arts, there’s an Ackland membership that’s right for you! Explore the exciting benefits we offer at every level, like Museum Store discounts and exhibition openings, and other select benefits like parking validation, behind-the-scenes tours, and more.

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Still not sure which membership level is right for you? See our Membership FAQ page!

Membership FAQ

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Membership Experience

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Ackland members form a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to supporting the arts.

Together, we explore other art museums through the Ackland’s participation in reciprocal membership programs, travel to arts destinations near and far, and help sustain the Ackland family here in Chapel Hill.

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A Special Thank You

Thank you to our members at the Patron level and above for their generous support of the Ackland.

Gail S. Alberti and William T. Alberti
Kyle E. Black and Heath Aldridge
Linda A. Anderson
Philip E. Bardsley and Janice B. Bardsley
Bob M. Jessup Jr. and Valerie L. Bateman
Stanley G. Finch and Jeffery S. Beam
John W. Becton and Nancy B. Tannenbaum
Elizabeth D. Bell and Danny Bell
Carey F. Benham and Douglas N. Benham
Kerry D. Gahagan and Ken R. Gahagan
Seth J. Bleier and Maria A. Bleier
Neil Blumenkopf and Irene Faust
Erwin Parrott Boyd and William C. Boyd III
Cliff R. Butler Jr. and Linda L. Butler
Ann Campbell and John Campbell
William P. Carl
Philip L. Carl and Linda Carl
George H. Carter Jr. and Deborah L. Carter
Frank B. Konhaus and Ellen C. Cassilly
Joan R. Cates
James K. Chance and Ellen T. Chance
Thomas M. Chewning and Nancy J. Chewning
Kelly Z. Clay
Raymond P. Covington and Cathy H. Covington
Gordon S. Cox and Ruth B. Cox
Alain J. Creissen and Anna I. Creissen
Graham W. Culbertson and Hilary Culbertson
Jane B. Dalldorf
Ryan C. Huckabee and Nicholas A. Dantonio
Margaret R. McGuinn and Glenn C. Davis
W. Kent Davis and Carlos Garcia-Velez
Emilie P. de Luca
Margaret L. McNairy and P.J. Deschenes
David Dill and Martha J. Dill
Wayne Vaughn and Shirley Drechsel
H. Shelton Earp III
Tweed C. Eckhard and Richard D. Eckhard
Walter B. Elcock III and Laura K. Elcock
John G. B. Ellison Jr. and Ms. Kerrie O. Ellison
Richard E. Falvo and Donna R. Falvo
Nancy J. Farmer
Thomas Al Fiore and Carol P. Tresolini
Ellen M. Flaharty
Linda W. Folda and Jaroslav T. Folda III
James A. Fountain Jr. and Amelia R. Fountain
Richard F. Fox and Betsy F. Fox
Diane Frazier
Smith Freeman and Austin Scarlett
Douglas E. Frey and Judy A. Frey
Albert W. Gard III and Carolyn W. Gard
Cynthia W. Geary and Ronald F. Geary
William Campbell Gibson
Mary Gilland
Carol C. Gillham
R. Terrance Greenlund
J. Joseph Hackney and Betsy S. Hackney
Nortin M. Hadler and Carol S. Hadler
Alexandra E. Happer
Jane B. Preyer and Lark Hayes
Hassan Melehy and Dorothea B. Heitsch
Dorothy L. Heninger
Bernard L. Herman and Rebecca Y. Herman
Colin A. Hicks and Ashlee D. Sadler Hicks
James F. Howard Jr. and Adrienne L. Howard
Paul Hrusovsky and David Payne Lindquist
Lisa S. Hudspeth and Mitchell S. Rhodes
Cheryle Jernigan-Wicker
H. Richard Kahler and Sally A. Kahler
Howard Kastel and Joan Kastel
Howard M. Kastrinsky and Marjorie M. Kastrinsky
Phil A. Keicher and June W. Keicher

Thomas S. Kenan III
Elizabeth C. T. Kennedy and John G. Kennedy III
Anna B. Kirby and Winston S. Kirby
Marcia A. Koomen
Vincent J. Kopp and Katherine C. Kopp
Jeffrey M. Lang
Daniel Langmeyer and Lynn Langmeyer
Ronald P. Schwarz and Mina L. Levin
Jay R. Levinsohn and Hunter C. Levinsohn
Nerys W. Levy
Robert M. Lewis and Gloria Lightsey-Lewis
Robert A. Ligett and Sharon F. Ligett
Margaret Link-Weil and Michael L. Weil
John P. Long and Mildred J. Long
Karen C. Lovelace and Charles E. Lovelace Jr.
Jenny M. Mabie and Peter A. Mabie
Hanson R. Malpass and Betsy Malpass
Nancy Mannes
George Manning and Catherine Manning
John May Jr. and Alice May
Matthew S. McCabe
Eliza M. Wolff and Wolff McCormick
Katie M. Ziglar and Dickinson J. Miller
James C. Moeser and Susan D. Moeser
Mary R. Moore and Thaddeus D. Moore
Leigh Mote and Mark W. Scroggs
Lee R. Nackman and Ava H. Nackman
Paula D. Noell and Palmer T.H. Page
Patrick Oglesby and Mary Oglesby
Kerry Ostrom and Margaret Ostrom
Mary N. Owen and Edward P. Owen
Richard D. Pardue
Joseph E. Parrish and Christy C. Parrish
Josephine W. Patton
Gordon D.S. Peterson and Nancy K. Peterson
Karen A. Popp and Mary C. Ragsdale
Suzanne Porter
Brittany J. Ramer and Tyler A. Ramer
Louise H. Reiss and Edmund A. Reiss
Carol Lynne Richards
Luke Riggsbee
Arthur H. Rogers III and Caroline P. Rogers
David Royle and Cornelia Royle
Jennifer A. Runquist and Alfonse W. Runquist
Kristen K. Ryan
Lauren M. Sanford
William E. Torres and Donald J. Sawyer Jr.
Richard Schossow and Sarada Schossow
Daniel O. Shackelford and Gay T. Shackelford
Carole L. Shelby
John E. Sherer and Talia S. Sherer
Carol B. Smithwick
Steven B. Sorin and Wendy C. Sorin
Carol A. Stamm
William P. Steele Jr. and Sandra S. Steele
Philip Szostak and Rhonda P. Szostak
Mark P. Toles and Victoria McClaran Toles
Sue Tolleson-Rinehart
Ronald Tuckman and Ana Tuckman
Nancy L. Tunnessen
Tonya L. Turner Carroll
Karen S. Turpin
Richard L. Vanore Jr. and Ashley K. Vanore
Harold G. Walsh and Barbara B. Walsh
Arete S. Warren
Gregg A. Warshaw and Martha Warshaw
Marlie P. Wasserman and Mark Wasserman
Malchus L. Watlington and Amanda G. Watlington
David Welch and Dylan Welch
Helen C. Wilkes and Charles C. Wilkes
Derek M. Winstanly and Louise M. Winstanly
Bonnie C. Yankaskas and James R. Yankaskas