Membership is an ideal way to support exhibitions and programs and participate in the rich offerings of the Ackland. Member events are an excellent way to meet new and long-standing friends of the Museum who share your commitment to arts in our community.

Questions about membership? Please contact Hailey Hargraves, Membership Manager, at 919-843-5637 or

Ackland Membership Levels

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Whether you are a student or a long-time patron of the arts, there’s an Ackland membership that’s right for you! Explore the exciting benefits we offer at every level, like Museum Store discounts and exhibition openings, and other select benefits like parking validation, behind-the-scenes tours, and more.

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Membership FAQ

Still not sure which membership level is right for you? See our Membership FAQ page!

Membership FAQ

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Membership Experience

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Ackland members form a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to supporting the arts.

Together, we explore other art museums through the Ackland’s participation in reciprocal membership programs, travel to arts destinations near and far, and help sustain the Ackland family here in Chapel Hill.

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A Special Thank You

Thank you to our members at the Patron level and above for their generous support of the Ackland.

Todd and Blisse Adams
Gail and William Alberti
James and Delight Allen
Anonymous Member
Jack Arnold
Jacqueline and Edward Atkins
Jennie Barbour
Philip and Janice Bardsley
Don Basnight and Mary Holler
Jill Beachler
Danny Bell
Jeanne Berry
Dolores Bilangi
Stanley Black
John and Lynn Black
Rainer Blaesius and Elisabeth Schweins
Terry Blanken
Philip and Linda Carl
Joan Cates
Ken and Ellen Chance
Cathy Chapman and Ron Torain
Kent and Aimee Cheesborough
Donald and Eunice Collins
Timothy Riggs and Carolyn Coolidge-Riggs
Michael and Joanne Cotter
Sidney and Ruth Cox
Alain and Anna Creissen
Frederic and Jane Dalldorf
Glenn Davis
Emilie Patton de Luca
Shelton and Jo Anne Earp
Daniel and Robyn Earthman
Suzanne Rucker and Cris Eklund
John and Kerrie Ellison
Anita and Paul Farel
Stanley Finch and Jeffery Beam
Thomas Fiore and Carol Tresolini
Ellen Flaharty
Linda and Jaroslav Folda
James and Amelia Fountain
Walter and Deborah Fox
Michael Fox and Missy Julian-Fox
Smith Freeman and Austin Scarlett
Jennifer Gates-Foster and Brandon Foster
Arthur and Ruth Gerber
Campbell Gibson
Carol Gillham
Frances Gravely
Patricia Grebe
Terrance Greenlund
Joyce Griffin
Linda Convissor and Bruce Guild
Judy and Patrick Guiteras
Bruce and Jo Ann Gustafson
Nortin and Carol Hadler
Richard and Kari Hamel
Sunita Hamilton
Dorothy Heninger
Bernard and Rebecca Herman
Jewel Hoogstoel
Mary Houck
James and Adrienne Howard
Paul Hrusovsky and David Lindquist
Ryan Huckabee
Samuel and Anne Hummel
Brent and Carol Jenkins
Ellen Johnson
Richard and Sally Kahler
Peregrine and Harry Kavros
Philip and June Keicher
Gerald and Ann Koermer
Marcia Koomen
Helen Kotsher



Lynn and Jeffrey Lang
Mark Sullivan and Jeanne Latoures
Judith Lechner
Joel and Susan Leeb
Ann Lemmon
Ruby Lerner
Seymour and Carol Levin
Jay and Hunter Levinsohn
Nerys Levy
Robert and Sharon Ligett
Karen and Charles Lovelace
Stephen and Karen Lyons
Phillip and Susan Lyons
David and Harriet Martin
Jeffrey Mason
John and Alice May
Lee and John McColl
Nancy McCormick
Margaret McNairy and P.J. Deschenes
Hassan Melehy and Dorothea Heitsch
David and Jacqueline Miller
James and Susan Moeser
Mary and Thaddeus Moore
Mary Morrow
Denise Murrell
Rebecca and Paul Nagy
John and Dorothy Neter
Richard Pardue
Leslie and Richard Parise
Stewart Parker
Kendal Parker
Joseph and Christy Parrish
Jimbo and Elizabeth Parrott
Norman Pendergraft
Robert and Jean Phay
Suzanne Porter
Elizabeth Pringle
Mary Raymond
Katharine Reid
Louise and Edmund Reiss
Brenda Rogers
Margaret Rook
Jennifer and Alfonse Runquist
Joel Rutledge and Susan Lawrence
Lewis and Gail Sanders
Terry and Laurence Sanford
Barbara Shaw
James Smith
Nada and John Staddon
Carol and John Stamm
Randall Roden and Ann Stewart
Mary and Gary Stringer
Mary Sturgeon
John and Nancy Tannenbaum
Douglas and Roberta Tilden
Sarah Tillis
Nancy Tunnessen
Wayne Vaughn and Shirley Drechsel
Julian and Elsa Waller
Harold and Barbara Walsh
Arete Warren
Gregg and Martha Warshaw
Gerhard and Janet Weinberg
Roger and Marlene Werner
Helen and Charles Wilkes
Derek and Louise Winstanly
Merrill Wolf
Eliza Wolff
Bonnie and James Yankaskas