Zoom: The Ackland’s New Graphic Identity

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The Ackland lobby set up with cocktail tables for an event

The Ackland Art Museum has a mission: to become the pre-eminent public university art museum. We believe this is an eminently possible goal to attain. We aim to engage everyone in the community and beyond, serving UNC students, staff, faculty, and alumni through teaching and research. We have an encyclopedic collection of over 19,000 works of art, the support of one of the nation’s top public universities, and a local community that is deeply engaged with the arts.

On October 5, 2019, we took a major step toward our goal by unveiling a new graphic identity. Our new look, Zoom, is strong and declarative. It changes focus, challenges the expected, and exudes motion and energy. Our signature color, Ackland Fuchsia, is vibrant and unique. Our logo asserts itself boldly and dynamically on print and digital media, and is sometimes even animated (see the animation on our new lobby screen!). The Ackland “A” curves gently at the top, echoing the archway over our front door.

We were honored to have so many of our patrons join us for the October 5 Zoom In! event. Now, we look forward sharing our new look with the rest of our many community supporters. You’ll see it in the Ackland’s lobby and on our print and digital media from here on out, and we will launch a new website in January, 2020.  Thank you for seeing us through 60 years of growth, and we can’t want to share all that’s next with you!