Recent Acquisitions of Japanese Art

January 7, 2015 - March 22, 2015

Woman looking at her face in hand mirror

In this focused installation, the Ackland presents half a dozen varied works of Japanese art, selected from the more than 115 acquired over the past eighteen months. Ranging from a thirteenth-century ritual bell to a late 1960s Op-art poster, the display also includes a delicately painted export vase from around 1720, an early nineteenth-century scroll painting, several dynamically composed color woodblock triptychs from around 1900, and a modernistic portfolio of decorative and ornamental prints from the 1930s.

Totoya Hokkei, Japanese, 1780-1850: Courtesan Viewing Herself in a Mirror (detail), c. 1800; hanging scroll: ink and colors on silk. The William A. Whitaker Foundation Art Fund.