Current Exhibitions

10 January 2020 - 7 June 2020

Instruments of Divination in Africa: Works from the Collection of Rhonda Morgan Wilkerson, Ph.D.

This special installation shows sculptures and other objects used by diviners in some Central and West African cultures. Divination is a practice that enables people to communicate with their gods, ancestors, and spirits. By bridging the earthly and spiritual realm, divination enables these beings to provide counsel to the living, to identify the causes of […]

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13 September 2019 - 2 February 2020

Recent Acquisitions of Islamic Art

The Ackland recently launched a major initiative to build its collection of art from the Islamic world. A small exhibition, presented in conjunction with She Who Tells a Story, will showcase seven recent purchases, including calligraphic manuscripts, textiles, metalwork and an architectural fragment all dating from the 8th century CE to the 17th century. There […]

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14 August 2019 - 28 June 2020

ART& Intergalactic Soul, “Project LHAXX”

ART& Intergalactic Soul, Project LHAXX As its newest temporary, site-specific commission in ART&, the Ackland presents Project LHAXX, a mixed-media experience by Intergalactic Soul. Intergalactic Soul describes the Afrofuturistic collaborative made up of Charlotte-based visual artists Marcus Kiser and Jason Woodberry and Durham-based performance artist Quentin Talley. Their work broadly focuses on presenting contemporary conversations […]

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27 October 2018 - 31 December 2022

Focus on the Peck Collection

Focus on the Peck Collection is an ongoing series of installations selected from the Peck Collection and the Ackland’s other holdings of related works of art, with the goal of supporting education in comparative looking, historical analysis, and appreciation of quality.

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21 December 2016 - 5 July 2020

Color Across Asia

Spanning several millennia, as well as the color spectrum, this show presents a continent’s rich history of innovation, invention, and imitation.

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