K-12 Teacher Resources and Events

At the Ackland, we design resources and professional development sessions that help K-12 teachers at all grade levels and in all subject areas integrate art into their teaching.


Use observation, description, analysis, and interpretation to explore a print in the Ackland’s collection and think critically about when, where, why, and for whom the artwork was created. Complete the activities and investigate additional resources to consider how art functions as primary sources.

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Print with Latin text on the left side and an image with people, fields, plants, and buildings on the right side.

Exploring the Natural World with Art

Examine the ways that two works of art from the Ackland’s collection represent weather conditions and animal habitats in United States landscapes. Further your investigation with the activities and resources in this module. Find inspiration to observe the natural world in your own neighborhood. Content is appropriate for grades 3 – 5.

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A person rides a horse through a hilly landscape as storm clouds approach

Photographs as a Primary Source

Explore the ways in which photography documents people, places, and events by looking closely at photographs from the Ackland’s collection. Use the activities and resources in this module to learn more about photography as a medium and how it can be used as a primary source.

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Art as a Primary Source: Ancient Greek Pottery

Explore three ancient Greek vessels from the Ackland’s collection and consider ways these objects can be used as a primary source. Thought provoking activities, such as object analysis, creative writing, and artmaking, will help extend the arts experience. Additional web resources for students and teachers are available for a deeper dive into the ways works of art can be used and researched as a primary source.

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Vessel (Neck Amphora) with Apollo, Leto, and Artemis, c. 540-530

Look, Write, and Draw!

a mother and daughter sit at a table drawing with books and wooden models in front of them - a great art activity to do at home during the coronavirus quarantine!

These close looking, writing, and drawing activities will help your student or child learn to observe, interpret, and reflect upon what they see. Each activity can be modified per age or grade level and can be done individually or with a classmate or family member.

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Five Faiths Project

Using works of art from the Ackland Art Museum as primary sources, the Five Faiths Project explores the beliefs and practices of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. Designed for middle- and high-school students.

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Sculpture of Dancing Ganesha

Online Museum Resources for Teachers and Parents

Educators from the Ackland have compiled some of their favorite museum resources from around the web, from kid-friendly audio guides and virtual tours to interactive lessons and learning opportunities. 2 page PDF with links.


Two people look at a laptop together

Teacher Events

Three people look at a large collage

Teacher Workshops

Teacher workshops in the Ackland galleries connect teachers with art and new instructional approaches. Each year we offer workshops on different topics related to the Museum’s collection and exhibitions. Teachers who participate in our workshops can earn Continuing Education Units and access valuable resources on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. We post information about upcoming teacher workshops here and on our calendar.

Teachers sit around a table looking at a handout

Teacher In-Service Sessions

Ackland educators can lead an art-based professional development experience that takes place in your school or district. We can customize the session to suit different grade levels, subject areas, learning goals, and group sizes.

Contact us to discuss an in-service session for your school.